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"Dear Friends,
We as MaratonTürk, first and only marathon management & internet publishing site for Türkiye, are organizing Walk-Jog & Sightseeing Tour between Europe and Asia (EurAsia) + Cruise in Istanbul. (This is not a marathon training tour)
There is no such an organization in Türkiye. We are the pioneer...
Take your running shoes and join our tours. You will not be disappointed.
Let's drink a glass of Turkish tea in Europe or Asia continents while jogging in Istanbul. . ."

Elect.Eng. Osman Atakan Tekin , MaratonTürk Manager

Who is Osman Atakan Tekin ?




Let's drink a glass of Turkish tea in Europe or Asia continents while jogging in Istanbul. . .

01) Digital Certificate
02) Car Ferry ticket Europe-Asia
03) A glass of Turkish tea in Asia
04) Ferry/Train ticket Asia-Europe
05) Digital photos
Lunch at fish market     
      for 5+ participants

Duration : 3 - 4 hours
For info & prices please contact
(Please send your message to both of the e-mails. Attention for e-mail address!..  There is no h at maratonturk)


Important notice:
Our system does not accept e-mails from;
Furthermore, some of the e-mail domains are blocked because of spam. If you are not able to send your message please try to send from another e-mail domain (

• A better “feel” for a city.
• Easier to customize than bus tours or large group walking tours
• Stop whenever you want
• "Travel" at your own speed and spend time on sights that interest you more than others
• Accomplish two things at once: see the sights plus get a workout in the fresh air
• The convenience of combining a sightseeing tour with a regular workout is attractive for many ambitious runners who are on vacation or travelling on business

• Competitive runners training for a marathon and who need to get a run in
• New and recreational runners
• Teenagers to retirees, solos, couples and families
• Women because of the safety issues when visiting a new city
• Small corporate groups who want a fitness-based activity
• Those who get their exercise from fast walking
• Business/convention people in town for meetings or conferences

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RunABC South

"MaratonTürk allows visitors to jog from Europe to Asia, and vice versa, without ever leaving the city. .. Runners also receive a commemorative medal for their hard, but fun, work."


The city on two Continents...

The only city on earth on two continents." There God and human nature and art are together, created such a perfect place that it is valuable to see." Lamartine's famous poetic line reveals his love for Istanbul, describing the embracing of two continents, with one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe.

Istanbul, once known as the capital of capital cities, has many unique features. It is the only city in the world to straddle two continents, and the only one to have been a capital during two consecutive empires - Christian and Islamic. Once capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul still remains the commercial, historical and cultural pulse of Turkiye, and its beauty lies in its ability to embrace its contradictions. Ancient and modern, religious and secular, Asia and Europe, mystical and earthly all co-exist here.

Istanbul hosted different cultures and religions for more than 2500 years. And every Culture has left their treasures of Architecture. Numerous historical sites create a rich historical background to the city. And wonderful landscapes of Bosphorus give an amazing atmosphere.

Wherever you are coming from, you will be dazzled in Istanbul with so many different things that you haven't seen before. You will see a rich Historical culture; you will see the sights of Asia and also the sights of Modern Europe. You will see how the life was in Byzantium period, Ottoman Empire period and how the life is now in Modern Turkiye.. You will see the Churches, the Synagogues and thousands of Mosques and early in the morning you may wake up with the pray of the muezzins..

Many travelers do only visit the touristy peninsula and evaluates Istanbul, However if you open your window a bit wider, and travel around Istanbul on both continents, you will discover a better Istanbul image and will realize it has much more beauty to see..

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Video; İstanbul, the magic city

Video; Istanbul Galata Tower / Golden Horn & Bosphorous (Eurasia) from Galata Tower

We prepare private 5 km tour (Europe-Asia).
Any day in the week according to your choice.
Usually start at 08.30 a.m.

Cable car|  2 min. from Eyüp Sultan Mosque to Pierre Loti hill

CRUISE-1|  45 min. from Eyüp (Europe) to Usküdar (Asia)
(yellow line on the map)

CRUISE-2|  15 min. from Harem (Asia) to Sirkeci (Europe)
(white line on the map)

Undersea Train  4 min. from Usküdar (Asia) to Sirkeci (Europe)
(blue line on the map)


As of  23rd May 2019, 51 tours and 134 participants from 20 countries [AUS (7), AUT (2), BEL (1), BRA (4), CAN (3), DEN (27), ENG (5), GER (10), HOL (14), IRE (2), IRI (5), ITA (2), MDV (3), MEX (2), NZL (2), RSA (2), SIN (1), SUI (1), SWE (17), USA (24)]

2019 (4 tours, 4 participants)
Tour-4 (1 person)   : Matthew Neville (IRE)
Tour-3 (1 person)   : Thomas Ingold (SUI)
Tour-2 (1 person)   : Conor McCarthy (IRE)
Tour-1 (1 person)   : Alison Walter (CAN)

2018 (5 tours, 9 participants)
Tour-5 (2 persons)  : Petra Lillieskold and Anna Dahlén (SWE)
Tour-4 (4 persons)  : Robert Drew-Emma Drew (ENG) and Tania De Swart-Peter De Swart (RSA)
Tour-3 (1 person)   : Andy Rhodes (USA)
Tour-2 (1 person)   : Elise Knutsen (USA)
Tour-1 (1 person)   : Casey Dietrich (USA)

2017 (1 tour, 2 participants)
Tour-1 (2 persons)   : Helene Sjöblom and Martin Arvidson (SWE)

2016 (3 tours, 5 participants)
Tour-3 (2 persons)   : Jane and David Marshall (ENG)
Tour-2 (2 persons)   : Miliadelle Murray (AUS) and Geoffrey Myers (ENG)
Tour-1 (1 person)    : Xavier Van Overmeire (BEL)

2015 (13 tours, 23 participants)
Tour-13 (2 persons)  : Beate Ritter and Klaus Korell (GER)
Tour-12 (1 person)   : Leigh Young (USA)
Tour-11 (2 persons)  : Alexandra Vassilieva and Vivian Kliim Hansen (DEN)
Tour-10 (2 persons)   : Julia Kreissl and Christian Vieghofer (AUT)
Tour-09 (2 persons)   : Kristen Lacey and Philip Sofia (USA)
Tour-08 (1 person)    : Gerard Vinluan (SIN)
Tour-07 (2 persons)   : Arturo Chayet and Sylvia Chayet (MEX)
Tour-06 (1 person)    : Cate Lycurgus (USA)
Tour-05 (2 persons)   : Andrea Fiene and Janine Bachmann (SWE)
Tour-04 (1 person)    : Sam O'Connor (AUS)
Tour-03 (2 persons)   : Olukemi Igbon and Nate Webber (USA)
Tour-02 (1 person)    : Carlos Alberto Viana (BRA)
Tour-01 (4 persons)   : Kathryn Taron-Zach Taron and Christine Devlin-Brian Devlin (USA)

2014 (5 tours, 24 participants)
Tour-5 (12 persons)  : Carl, Thomas, Claus, Jacop, Troels, Peter, Rasmus Sö., Mikkel, Simon, Kristian and Rasmus Se. (DEN)
Tour-4 (8 persons)   : 5 runners of Iran and 3 runners of Maldives
Tour-3 (2 persons)   : Jupp Kaufer and Anja Kaufer (GER)
Tour-2 (1 person)     : Maisa Barbosa (BRA)
Tour-1 (1 person)     : Sandra Branney (GER)

2013 (5 tours, 8 participants)
Tour-5 (1 person)     : Grita Krenz (GER)
Tour-4 (2 persons)   : Casey Norberry (AUS) and Federico Abbo (ITA)
Tour-3 (1 person)     : Amanda Garland (AUS)
Tour-2 (2 persons)   : Robyn McAllister and her father Jack McAllister (NZL)
Tour-1 (2 persons)   : Regina Cavalheiro and her daughter Ana Carolina (BRA)

2012 (9 tours, 38 participants)
Tour-9 (2 persons)   : Mads and Balmina Pasic (DEN)
Tour-8 (1 person)    : Amanda Garland (AUS)
Tour-7 (2 persons)   : Kari Petyak and Craig Lindemann (USA)
Tour-6 (2 persons)   : Llara Romanowski and Jake Romanowski (AUS)
Tour-5 (2 persons)   : Amy Barden and Mike Gualtieri (USA)
Tour-4 (2 persons)   : Rosa Lamb and Ryan Lamb (USA)
Tour-3 (14 persons)   : Corry, Peter, Jan, Liesbeth, Mark, Eli, Wim, Mieke, Cor, Maria, Yvonne, Eric, Jan (HOL)
Tour-2 (2 persons)   : Theresa Lukose and Mathew Lukose (USA)
Tour-1 (11 persons)  : Betina, Jeanette, Iben, Anne-Marie, Marlene, Kristine, Hanne, Anette, Susanne, Vedrana, Birgitte (DEN)

2011 (5 tours, 20 participants)
Tour-5 (11 persons)  : Int'l CFO of Swedish H&M Co.
Tour-4 (4 persons)   : Jochen Theuerkauf, Helge Broetje, Christian Janssen and Enno de Vries (GER)
Tour-3 (2 persons)   : Faith Sone and Dennis Szablinski (USA)
Tour-2 (2 persons)   : Allison Metzak and Ben Sand (CAN)
Tour-1 (1 person)    : Margaret Hugton (USA)

2010 (1 tour, 1 participant)
Tour-1 (1 person)   : Renato Losio (ITA)

2019, May 22nd, on Wednesday at 18.30;
Matthew Neville of Ireland joined our tour.

2019, May 11th, on Saturday at 13.00;
Thomas Ingold of Switzerland joined our tour.

2019, March 21st, on Thursday at 07.00;
Conor McCarthy of Ireland joined our tour.

2019, March 10th, on Sunday at 10.00;
Alison Walter of Canada joined our tour.

2018, October 20th, on Saturday at 07.30;
Petra Lillieskold and Anna Dahlén of Sweden joined our tour.

"Hej! Thanks for today and the pictures." Petra

2018, September 29th, on Saturday at 08.30;
Robert Drew - Emma Drew of England and Tania De Swart - Peter De Swart of - South Africa joined our tour.

"We really enjoyed the tour - it was the highlight of our trip to Istanbul. A great way to see the city with a fantastic guide! Thanks Osman!" Robert

2018, August 14th, on Tuesday at 07.30;
Andy Rhodes of New York - USA joined our tour.

"Thank you, Osman. It was a great tour! The photos look great!." Andy

2018, August 11th, on Saturday at 07.45;
Elise Knutsen of San Francisco - USA joined our tour.

2018, April 8th, on Sunday at 08.00;
Casey Dietrich of Washington DC - USA joined our tour.

2017, November 3rd, on Friday at 09.00;
Helene Sjöblom and Martin Arvidson of Sweden joined our tour.

2016, June 12th, on Sunday at 09.30;
Jane and David Marshall of England joined our tour.

2016, March 30th, on Wednesday at 08.00;
Miliadelle Murray of Australia and Geoffrey Myers of England joined our tour.

"Greetings Osman, Great city, great running, great company, great tea ! Thanks again for taking the time to run with us. The tour was wonderful and was the highlight of our trip to Istanbul. It was an honour to run with you. Best wishes for the future." Geoffrey and Mili

2016, February 23rd, on Tuesday at 08.00;
Xavier Van Overmeire of Belgium joined our tour. Click for video

"Intercontinental Jog with my Turkish friend Osman (an impressive marathon man:)) around 10km (a part of the European side and an other part of the Asian side)"

2015, December 29th, on Tuesday at 09.00;
Beate Ritter and Klaus Korell of Berlin-Germany joined our tour. Click for video

"Dear Osman, thank you so much again for the tour! We received the CD with the pictures. All the best to you for 2016! Keep on running and we would love to see you here in Berlin! Best regards," Beate and Klaus

2015, November 20th, on Friday at 08.00;
Leigh Young of the USA joined our tour. Click for video

"Thank you so much! I had an amazing day as you are the best tour guide ever!!" Leigh Young

2015, September 18th, on Friday at 08.00;
Alexandra Vassilieva and Vivian Kliim Hansen of Copenhagen-Denmark joined our tour

2015, August 19th, on Wednesday at 08.00;
Julia Kreissl and Christian Vieghofer of Vienna-Austria joined our tour

2015, July 18th, on Saturday at 08.30;
Kristen Lacey and Philip Sofia of New York-USA joined our tour

"Osman, these are great! Thanks so much for the tour. Be well - it was great to meet you!"
Phil & Kristen

2015, July 3rd, on Friday at 07.30;
Gerard Vinluan of Singapore joined our tour

"Hi Mr Osman, It was a great pleasure meeting you. I had a most enjoyable morning in Istanbul thanks to you. Many thanks for the lovely photos. All the very best," Gerard

2015, June 29th, on Monday at 08.30;
Arturo Chayet and Sylvia Chayet of Mexico joined our tour

2015, June 5th, on Friday at 08.30;
Cate Lycurgus of Saratoga-CA, USA joined our tour

2015, May 15th, on Friday at 09.00;
Andrea Fiene and Janine Bachmann of Stockholm-Sweden joined our tour

"We read about the tour online and it sounds very interesting! Especially to run between Europe and Asia!, Very best regards", Janine and Andrea, Stockholm 4 May 2015

"Dear Osman, Thank you very much for the lovely fotos and the wonderful run across two continents. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. We will let you know when we are back in Istanbul, loved the city and people so maybe Janine will come back for the marathon some time. Who knows! :-) All the best!", Andrea & Janine, Istanbul 16 May 2015

2015, April 23rd, on Thursday at 09.00;
Dr.Sam O'Connor of Brisbane-Australia joined our tour

2015, April 5th, on Sunday at 10.00;
Olukemi Igbon and Nate Webber of Maryland/Utah-USA joined our tour

2015, March 15th, on Sunday at 08.30;
Carlos Alberto Viana of Sao Paulo-Brazil joined our tour

"Tive a honra e o prazer de correr com o grande Osman, maratonista, atheta e conselheiro do Fenerbach da Turquia a 53 anos, ele com 70 corre muito e ensinou um pouquinho a este pangare pelas ruas de Istambul nesta corrida que percorre o lado europeu e asiatico da cidade, posso dizer que corri em dois continentes na mesma corrida, esta com certeza foi os 21 k mais gostosos que corri."
(Translated from Portuguese to English by Google) "I had the honor and the pleasure of running with the grand Osman, marathon runner, athlete and counselor to Turkiye's Fenerbahçe for 53 years, with 70 he runs a lot and taught a little bit this nag by Istanbul streets in this race that runs along the European and Asian side of the city, I can say that ran on two continents in the same race, this was certainly the 21 km more delicious that I ran."

2015, February 6th, on Friday at 09.00;
Kathryn & Zach Taron of Los Angeles-USA and Christine & Brian Devlin of Colorado-USA have joined our tour

"Thank you! These photos are great! We made awesome memories. We were so lucky the weather held warm for us. It was a great tour and we had a lot of fun. Thank you for showing us your city." Kathryn

12 Danish sportsmen (Carl, Thomas, Claus, Jacop, Troels, Peter, Rasmus Sö., Mikkel, Simon, Kristian and Rasmus Se.) joined our tour at 11.00 on Sunday, 30 November 2014

"Dear Osman, Thanks for a very nice sightseeing. It was a great way to learn something about your fantastic city. I wish you all best in the future. Best wishes." Carl Riis Normann,      1 December 2014

Marathoners of Iran and Maldives have joined our tour at 09.00 on Tuesday, 18 November 2014

"Hello Osman. It was really nice to have met you and thank you for the wonderful tour. Hope to meet up some day soon. Please keep in touch. Regards."  Abdulla-Maldives 20 Nov. 2014

"Dear Osman Atakan Tekin, I would like to thank you very much for your hospitality and assistance in our stay in Turkey. Best Regards." Mohamed Waheed-Maldives 30 Nov. 2014

Jupp & Anja Kaufer of Esslingen-Germany have joined our tour at 09.00 on Monday, 20 October 2014

Maisa Barbosa of Sao Paulo-Brazil joined our tour at 08.30 on Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sandra of Germany has joined our tour at 09.00 on Sunday, 2 February 2014.
(Today was Sandra's birthday. A special "Happy Birthday Run" medal presented to Sandra because of her birthday.)

"Back home safely! You did such a great job! Thanks again for that amazing tour through your city!"  4 February 2014

Grita Krenz of Hamburg-Germany has joined our tour at 09.00 on Saturday, 7 December 2013

"Dear Osman, thank you very much for the nice pictures. I will remember this very special day. Thanks a lot!" Grita, 9 December 2013,
"Sounds very funny to run in Istanbul! I did a side-jogging in Barcelona and in Berlin, but your tour seems to be exceptionally great. I wil be in Istanbul for a congres meeting." 3 December 2013

Casey Norberry of NSW-Australia and Federico Abbo of Genova-Italia have joined our tour at 10.30 on Saturday, 9 November 2013

Amanda Garland of Sydney-Australia joined our Bosphorus tour at 10.00 on Monday, 30 September 2013 (This was her second business visit to Istanbul)

Robyn McAllister and her father Jack McAllister of Wellington-New Zealand joined our tour at 08.30 on Friday, 30 August 2013

"Thank you Osman, ----- it was a pleasure and a privilege for my daughter Robyn and I to go on the jogging sightseeing tour of Istanbul with you. We enjoyed it immensely, and we saw many places that we otherwise would never have gone to. We would certainly recommend this activity to anyone visiting Istanbul who is physically able to do it. A unique experience, and one that we will long remember. Regards and good wishes to you and your nephew from Jack McAllister." 14 September 2013

Regina Cavalheiro and her daughter Ana Carolina of Dourados-Brazil joined our tour at 08.30 on Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mads and Balmina Pasic of Aarhus-Denmark joined our tour at 09.00 on Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hi Osman, Thanks for a nice run :-) Belmina    December 27th, 2012

Amanda Garland of Sydney-AUSTRALIA joined our tour at 08.30 on Sunday, 2 December 2012

"Osman, I loved, loved, loved the run and tour today. Will no doubt a highlight of my week in Turkey. Thanks for showing me your wonderful city." Amanda,     December 2nd, 2012

Kari Petyak and Craig Lindemann of Baltimore-USA joined our tour at 09.30 on Sunday, 4 November 2012

Llara and Jake Romanowski of Brisbane-AUSTRALIA joined our tour at 09.00 on Monday, 20 August 2012

Amy Barden and Mike Gualtieri of Washington DC-USA joined our tour at 09.00 on Saturday, 7 July 2012

"Osman, Thank you so much for the pictures. We had the best time on the running tour. We will recommend your tour to any of our friends who visit Istanbul. Best,"
Amy & Mike, July 9th, 2012

Rosa & Ryan Lamb of Chicago-USA joined our tour at 07.30 on Thursday, 5 July 2012

"Thank you so much for the great experience and photos! It was great to meet you and we wish you the best. Let us know if you ever make it to Chicago and we can run on the Lake Shore path! We are off to Cappadocia today! We would be happy to write a review for your page if you like. We had such a great time! Thank you Osman!" >> Facebook
Rosa & Ryan, July 6th, 2012

7 ladies & 7 gentlemen of Holland (5 joggers and 9 walkers)(Corry, Peter, Jan, Liesbeth, Mark, Eli, Wim, Mieke, Cor, Maria, Yvonne, Eric, Jan) joined our tour at 08.00 on Friday, 13 April 2012

Theresa & Mathew Lukose of New York joined our tour at 08.30 on Thursday,
5 April 2012

"Dear Osman, We just want to tell you how thrilled we are that we did the Istanbul Eurasia Jogging Tour with you. It was truly a highlight of our Turkey adventure, and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see Istanbul in a unique way. Thank you for the pictures! Please don't hesitate to contact us when you are in NY!  Warmest regards,"
Theresa and Mathew Lukose, April 9th, 2012

11 Danish ladies (Betina, Jeanette, Iben, Anne-Marie, Marlene, Kristine, Hanne, Anette, Susanne, Vedrana, Birgitte) joined our tour at 08.30 on Saturday,
17 March 2012, Related media websites >>   Tü      Üskü

Swedish H&M CFO's joined our private jogging tour at 06.30 on Wednesday,
12 October 2011

Jochen Theuerkauf, Helge Broetje, Christian Janssen & Enno de Vries of Germany
joined our tour on Saturday, 8 October 2011

They have drunk a glass of tea at Europe, a cup of Turkish coffee at Asia while running in Istanbul.

Faith Sone and Dennis Szablinski of New York-USA joined our tour on Monday, 15 August 2011

"Hi, Osman. We just returned home today from our honeymoon. 23 days. 14 planes. 3 continents (including our ferry ride to Asia). 6 countries (Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa). We had a great time. Thanks so much for sending this email along with the pictures. As stated, we weren't sure if we were going to make it to Turkey because of our flight problems. Dennis & I are so glad we were able to make it and explore Istanbul with you. We were able to discover parts of Istanbul that we would probably not have found on our own. Thank you for the personal tour. It was so enjoyable that we forgot we ran 9 miles! Thank you for making our honeymoon extra special and perfect. We will be sure to tell our family & friends to look you up if they are ever in Istanbul."
Faith & Dennis, September 5th, 2011

Allison Metzak and Ben Sand of Canada joined our tour on Friday, 3 June 2011
"Thank you again, Osman, for the amazing walk-jog tour of the Golden Horn. Ben and I really enjoyed learning about Istanbul through your personal stories about this lovely city, seeing so many sights that otherwise would have been overlooked and, of course, getting a run in while on vacation. This tour is definitely a 'must do!' and we will of course recommend it to all our friends and family. Best regards,"

Margaret Hugton of Dominican Rep., joined our tour on Monday, 30 May 2011
"Hello Osman!
Thank you very much for the jog-walk yesterday. I enjoyed it very much and i learned about your great city! I leave Istanbul this morning and am eager to see the photos you took. When you have a chance, can you please send them to me. Kind regards,"

Italian engineer Renato Losio joined our tour on Sunday 9 May 2010
"The Istanbul Golden Horn Walk-Jog & Sightseeing Tour is perfectly run by Osman, an enthusiastic and dedicated runner who has run many marathons and is a leading figure of the Turkish running world. I ran with Osman last May around the Golden Horn passing interesting landmarks, such as the Atatürk bridge and the Eyüp Sultan mosque. I ended up with a customized medal too."

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"Yes, I would love another glass of tea"
Katherine Branning talked about her latest book, "Yes, I Would Love Another Glass of Tea".The Book comprises of a series of imaginary letters written to Lady Mary Montagu, whose famous embassy letters were written in 1716-1718 during her stay in Turkiye as the wife of the English Ambassador. Katharine Branning has been visiting Turkiye for 30 years, spending a month there every summer. She has been all over Turkiye, witnessed all kinds of traditions and met people from all walks life and wealth. But she fell in love with `a glass of tea.' For Catherine `tea` is a symbol, a metaphor, a mirror, wherein such common characteristics of Anatolian people as purity, generosity are reflected.

Commemorative medal to every participant



2012 European Athletics Silver Certificate

2011 Cayirova Municipality

2011 Kadir Has University

2002 Maltepe University

Turkish Tea & Coffee: After having your meal in Istanbul, you will be asked if you would like to have something to drink. Many restaurants are offering Tea and Turkish coffee services at the end of the dinner free of charge. So you shall enjoy the taste of the Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is well known through worldwide.. Though it tastes like an espresso, it has a different taste and smell..

In a Mosque: Usually there are no admission fees for entry to the mosques. The bigger ones are open all day, but tourists shouldn't enter them during prayer. When entering a mosque you have to cover your head (women), wear long sleeves (arms and legs) and take off your shoes. if you happen to visit a mosque while somebody is praying, do not walk in front of them. Muslims didn't like anyone walking in front of them at prayer because it might be misinterpreted that they were praying to the person in front of them instead of to God.